DJ Service

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Our DJ service has been a popular option at weddings and events for the past 6 years.

After a couple of years of working with other DJ’s at weddings and events, we noticed that sometimes they were not required to do a huge amount on the evening as they were working around the live music – our customers were paying £150.00, £200.00 or even upwards of £250.00 for something that in truth became almost backing music for the evening.

The reason for this is that due to Last Anthem providing a live experience, when we are not on stage guests will more often than not use this time to leave the dance floor. They might catch up with the bride and groom, get in the next round of drinks, enjoy the buffet or simply rest there feet after occupying the dance floor for our first or second set!

This is no reflection on the DJ, it’s just the way the evening can go. To give an example, your event might start at 7:30, with some music being played almost as background music whilst you welcome your guests, the room fills up, people take their seats and people generally catch up with one another. You might ask the band to play the first set at 8:30, by which time people are generally set to go. Forty five minutes later, Last Anthem will finish the first set and then the buffet will be served, so the dance floor clears and the queue for the food table of course grows! Once the band takes the stage again at 10:15 to play the second set of fifty minutes plus encores, people are ready to dance again and then at 11:15 you generally have only forty five minutes to go, and after an all day type wedding in particular there are very few people with enough energy to carry on dancing – though there are always a couple left who simply won’t give up!

What this means is that there is not a huge amount of work to be done for that type of all night DJ fee.

Last Anthem can provide all the wedding entertainment for you for a much more economical rate – your guests will enjoy exactly the same type of service that a separately booked DJ will provide but at around a third of the cost. By incorporating this service, we have saved our customers a small fortune over the years and this has proven a really popular option.

Every quote we do for a private function will include the DJ option, as we find virtually every one of our customers takes this option. You’ll be surprised and very pleased at the saving! You can of course opt to book your own DJ, which we will happily work alongside to provide the very best party for your evening.