1Why is there no mention of price on this site?
Every event we play is charged on an individual basis – all kinds of factors determine the price that we charge. Most importantly, we want to ensure that your every requirement is catered for! The type of event will determine how long we need to dedicate to make everything perfect – for example a wedding requires more equipment, line checks, etc. The location determines if we have to charge any additional expenses if we are travelling any significant distance. Above all, your individual requirements which need to be met to make your event special need addressing! This is why we quote on an ad hoch basis, as we believe it is the only fair way for anybody wishing to book us
2Will you provide background music or a DJ service in between sets?
Yes – this is a very popular option. Almost all of our customers opt to take the additional DJ service, which we have now been providing for around 6 years. As booking a DJ as well as a funtion band can incur hefty additional cost for very little ‘airtime’, we are happy to quote a price for the option of us providing music at the start, half time break and end of sets. We have a bank of around 10,000 songs suited to weddings, private parties etc – something for all the family! Alternatively you can pre arrange to bring your own CD’s or Ipod etc with play lists on for us to run through our systems for the short time we are not performing. We are flexible to your requirements!
3Do the band provide everything they need for the evening – for example all their own sound and lighting equipment?
Simple answer – absolutely. As a professional function band we use top quality equipment to ensure the highest possible standards. We provide a full premium quality P.A system and stage lighting that can be adapted to every venue. Getting the right instrument mix and vocal sound is essential to providing a top quality performance; factors such as being at the appropriate volume and having the right lighting to help to create the right environment go a long way in helping to make the evening a success.
4How long are your sets? How long can you play for?
Last Anthem are a 100% live function band – This means no backing tracks, click tracks, pre – recorded vocals etc. Generally, the format that a wedding, corporate function, birthday party etc would use would be one first set of 45 minutes followed by a break (usually for buffet, speeches etc) then a second set of around 1 hour. This is however entirely flexible – we will absolutely fit around your particular requirements should you have a different format in mind.
5How is the set list decided?
We play so many events, this is a practiced art! We use our experience to keep an eye on the event and the dance floor and tailor the set list as we go along, making decisions on the feeling we get from the crowd and the reaction we get from the dance floor. Our aim is to make the event a memorable evening for you, and the songs we play are fundamental to this – we are ‘Last Anthem’, and Anthems is what we do. We can guarantee that you’ll know every song we play, we only pick the best!
6Will you set up before the guests arrive?
For any type of private party, absolutely yes. It’s important that the event looks the part as well as sounds the part – for that reason we will ensure we are set up before guests arrive/as the room is being turned round etc for weddings. We work hand in hand with the wedding planner and venue staff to ensure that everything is perfect for your evening.
7What do you wear?
For formal occasions such as weddings, corporate functions and engagements, we wear matching formal suits. We like to think we look very dapper! Events such as pubs and clubs are a little less formal, generally used as showcases for private parties so we usually dress a little more informally.
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